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Make a Healthy cake 25/10/2009

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If you’re committed to healthy eating, you don’t need to eliminate cake from your diet. Instead, try to focus on choosing cakes that will help you increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Apple cake, banana cake, carrot cake, pumpkin cake, or cakes made using dried fruit can be delicious treats for someone following a well-balanced diet. If these choices don’t sound appetizing enough, consider angel food cake or sponge cake. However, chocolate fudge cakes and other ultra-rich desserts should be saved for special occasions only.

If you wish to adapt your favorite cake recipe to make it more nutritious, try replacing some of the sugar or fat in the cake with a fruit puree made from apples or apricots stewed in a small amount of water. Depending upon your personal preferences and the type of cake you’re trying to bake, fruit juice, flavored yogurt, or nonfat sour cream can also be used to cut calories without sacrificing taste. Many cooks choose to use Sucralose, Splenda, Aspartame, or Xylitol in place of granulated white sugar, but some medical experts are concerned that the health effects of these products have not been sufficiently tested.

The type of ingredients in a cake will also play an important role in determining whether or not the cake is bad for your health. A cake made using organic sugar, whole wheat flour, free-range eggs, and a reduced fat olive oil-based spread is both delicious and nutritious. These ingredients may cost slightly more than what you’re used to paying, but they are better for you than baking a cake that contains refined white flour, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and other unhealthy food additives. Make frequent use of natural vanilla, cocoa, and cinnamon to boost your cake’s flavor without adding unnecessary calories. For a finishing touch that won’t ruin your diet, top your cake with powdered sugar or try a tangy cream cheese icing.

banana cake

apple cake

carrot cake


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